An Adventure part 13.

this is part 13 of my quiz series. I hope you enjoy it, cause I really enjoyed writing this one... it was actually quite easy. thank you for all your comments, they are very encouraging. :D

Please continue to comment and rate. I promise I won't forget about this series again, like I did before. :D please enjoy the quiz, and I'll comment when part 14 is out. :D

Created by: Alegna

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  1. you shrug your shoulders. "I haven't been listening to anyone but you, so I really have no clue." he is still staring at you, and so are the others. you're starting to feel uncomfortable. what do you say?
  2. after you say whatever you're going to say, they shake their heads, then turn towards Lynda. She's gone.
  3. Wizlem turns towards you. "are you SURE you're still on our side??" you, and the other two boys, look aghast. "OF COURSE SHE IS ON OUR SIDE!!!" Tilar shouts "What has gotten into your brain!!!! has she, or has she not PROVEN HERSELF TO BE 'THE ONE'????" he continues. you take a step back, and trip over a log. (me: smooth)
  4. Wizlem glares at Tilar, and the turns away and stomps into the woods. Maddox sighs, and walks after him, saying over his shoulder...
  5. you roll your eyes, and turn towards Tilar. "What now?" you ask. "Wizlem thinks I'm listening to the Sorcerer, Lynda is probably going to go tell the sorcerer where I am, ugh..." he smiles a little, walks up, takes your hand, and says...
  6. you smile back, and you two walk off to find the wagon. when you get into hearing distance, you hear someone shouting, in a strange language "cari gerobak!"
  7. Tilar pales. "quick" he says "we have to get out of here. you heard what they said."
  8. he stares at you... "you didn't understand what they said??" he says in wonderment. you shake your head, no. he looks confused, then he says... "I've... always had a knack... for understanding people... maybe it goes for languages too...???"
  9. you smile. "Well, you have a power. what DID they sa...." you can't finish, cause you are screaming. a... what looks like a small, hairy person, has grabbed your neck, and is now holding a knife to it. Tilar gets even paler.
  10. AND.... that's the end of this part of the quiz. :) mwahaha. anyway, did you like it?

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