Keepin' You...part eight

So, what was in the bag? Skittles? Diamonds? Zombie Heads? FInd out in this special edition "You Pick what happens chapter" Hope you like it. Please Comment!

Created by: katanasky

  1. First, credit where do: SamilovesDestery - sundaisy - zombgirl - ashbieber123 - thanks guys!
  2. Okay, so Micheal opens the bag and inside are:
  3. Diamonds. Lots of diamonds. almost a whole bag full of them. Your eyes bulge out of your head. They catch the little light let in from the tent and scatter it all over the wall in rainbow colors. Kass gasps. "What are these for?" Caleb asks. You roll your eyes. Clueless... sometimes he could be so clueless. "They're for... um... future generations along familiar lines in a repopulated community," Tyler blurts. Everyone stares st him. He stares hard at the floor of the tent. Then it dawns on you, it was for your kids and grand-kids. Oh. Duh. That made sense. Tyler continued blushing, sneaking glances up at you every now and then as you and Kass finger through all the diamond bracelets and rings and necklaces. Kass starts loading her fingers with rings and watching the dots of color dance everywhere. Slowly you follow suit, loading your arm with layers of thick bracelets. You smile, even though they are worth hardly anything with the economy in it's current state.
  4. "So, uh, any trouble while we were gone Caleb?" Micheal asked. You can't belive it, Caleb hadn't told them Tyler and he had almost been eaten?! "Um, well, we had a little," Caleb says. Micheal nods and shifts his hand through the catch of gems. You pick up a certain ring, and your breath is caught away by it's stunning beauty. It's a...
  5. Whatever you pick, you decide to wear it the rest of the day. You take everything else off and step outside to admire it in the sunlight. If you picked the emerald, it matches Micheal's eyes, if you picked the Topaz, it matches Riley's eyes, if you picked the diamonds, they match Caleb's eyes and if you picked saphire, they match Tyler's eyes.
  6. If you picked the emerald, and you like Micheal, read this paragraph, other wise, skip down for the other boys. Micheal comes outside after you. He takes your hand and leads you around the tent. He smiles at you, his eyes matching the endless green foliage of the National forest. He searches your eyes, begging you to read his mind. (I think I'm in love with you... more than a crush ---, can I kiss you?) You nod and his arms slip around your waist as he pulls you close and his young lips tease yours. He is so familiar... like you've been waiting for this your whole life. You can feel his heart beating against your chest and it feels really good. Your kiss deepens and he sighs, holding you tight.
  7. Riley comes behind you and you feel his breath on your neck as he whispers. "I really think I should kiss you," "Then do it," you whisper. He turns you around and gently presses his lips to yours. He holds his hands on either side of your face and your hands rest on his chest. Then the kiss heats up a little. You feel your knees go weak and his arms circle you. He pulls back slightly and whispers against your lips. "I've loved you since seventh grade." "I think I love you too Riley," you whisper back before you guys continue kissing.
  8. If you picked the diamonds, hear comes Caleb. He follows you out of the tent and gingerly takes your hand. You follow him down to the creek where you both sit down. For the first time you think, Caleb smiles. you give his hand a squeeze. "You know ---, you are the sunshine in my life... all the times I was feelig hurt or depressed, you helped me through... I'd see you in a ray of light on a rainy day and I couldn't help but fall for you..." he says slowly. It's the most caleb has ever said to you and you feel your heart melt. You trace your fingers along his jaw and slowly you two draw together. His hands drop down on your waist as you share a tender kiss. He's hesitant at first, but slowly he melts and you stay down by the creek for a while, oblivious to how bad everything else is around you.
  9. You feel someone spin you around after you walk a ways into the forest to think. Before you know who it is, warm lips collide with yours. Tyler. You feel your heart stop but then you melt in his arms. then he pulls back after a heated kiss and leans his forehead on yours. He smiles and you look into his blue blue eyes. His arms slip around your waist and yours link around his neck. His lips hover just over yours as he whispers. "Pick me."
  10. I'm sorry about killing Elmo, but I've wanted to do that since I was five. Thanks for reading. Hoped you liked it!

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