I can SCIENTIFICALLY guess your gender

This quiz can (probably) guess your gender. No guarentees accurate gender-guessing. Anyway, take this quiz! It uses SOME SCIENCE! Whooo, science!

If you get the opposite result on this quiz, congratulations! You've broken like, all gender roles and some science-y stuff too. But you probably won't.

Created by: science-don't question it

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. (The first two questions have no effect) You remember most of your dreams.
  2. You tend to be more sexually...
  3. You tend to be better at...
  4. The colour red seems to represent _____ to you.
  5. You believe in ghosts. (Or some sort of supernatural version of dead people similar to ghosts)
  6. You bond more with people by...
  7. Fashion is...
  8. The colour pink is
  9. Your height is closer to...
  10. Your last halloween costume was...

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Quiz topic: I can SCIENTIFICALLY guess my gender