Gender Quiz

ok well this quiz will tell you what your gender should be in my opinion dont take it personally it is my first quiz so if you get the wrong gender... well lets just hope my quiz is inaccurate......

well i need to take this space up so i guess i will have to type in stuff. so hi whats up what did you do last weekend. oh thats nice i had a good one to.

Created by: opof
  1. favorite color
  2. boys only part. there is some weird job that pays good but you have to dress as a girl and go out and do girly things with another person. do you take it? Girls only part. There is a job where you have to be a target for bb/paintball guns in short range so you will get hurt but i pays well. do you take it?
  3. if you could be one of these animals for a day what would you be?
  4. What do you usually do at home?
  5. boys only part. if you had to wear one of these for a day what would you wear?
  6. girls only part. if you had to help a friend out by dressing up as a boy for awhile would you say yes?
  7. if you were suddenly turned into the opposite gender what would you do?
  8. you see a little kid who is lost what do you do?
  9. would you rather....
  10. what type of movies do you like to watch?
  11. if you gf/bf wanted to dress you up as the opposite gender and have fun going out in public without anyone knowing it was you. what would you do?

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