I can SCIENTIFICALLY guess your eye colour!

Have you ever wondered if a random quiz could guess your eye colour? Do you have nothing to do? Would you not notice if someone wrote "defiantly" instead of "definitely" in a result? *Oops* Then this is the quiz for you!

Most of you will probably get brown eyes, because brown eyes are dominant, next is hazel, then blue, then grey, then green, then other colours like amber, black, violet and red, some of which only appear in albinos, so chances are no one who takes this quiz will get the "other" result.

Created by: Claire
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a parent with brown eyes?
  2. Are your eyes completely one colour, or mixed (ie. Blueish green, grey brown)?
  3. Do you have a common eye colour?
  4. Do you get sunburned easily?
  5. What letter does the name of your eye colour end with (Blue eyes, blue ends in 'E')
  6. What is your race? *No offence intended
  7. Are you albino?
  8. Are you albino?
  9. Do you have undertones of colour in your eyes?
  10. Would you say your eye colour is attractive or exotic?

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Quiz topic: I can SCIENTIFICALLY guess my eye colour!