Beautiful Love part five

I'm sorry it's been soooo long before I posted this one! I was just lazy this time! Well, you left off were you were following Chris and Brian to diner! Have fun!

The guys are: Brian, the sweet mysterious guy. He is tall and a bit emo. His hair is black, covers one eye, and spikes up in the back. His eyes are an ice cold blue, and he is toned well in the muscles. Chris, the shy guy joker. He is your height with green eyes. His hair is short and brown. He loves animals and is lean. Anthony, the bad boy protective type. He is a bit taller than you, and a biker. He owns a black motorcycle and has dirty blond flippy hair. He has violet eyes, and can get a bit rude. He is obviously the brawn! Tristan, the down to earth kind of guy. He's basically a tower compared to you, and he loves to boat. He has bleach blond hair with black eyes, which turn gold! He's sweet and takes care of everything!

Created by: Flip Flops
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  1. You sat, very awkward, at the table. You could see Anthony in the corner of your eye looking at his hands, very, very, angrily. The other two sit down, and Brian looks at Anthony, you can tell that he's curious to see what pissed him off. A minute later, after a long awkward silence, Tristan shows up serving every one what looks like a delicious feast. You didn't know that he was the cook too!
  2. After the dinner, desert was served. As you were eating, Brian breaks the silence, "Well, uh, ________, we have decided that you should know how do do some crucial self defense techniques. You never know, our hold can be infiltrated and you can be taken hostage. We want you to know how to protect yourself if ever needed." You nod, waiting for him to continue. "Chris will start with you tomorrow at ten AM. Then I will meet with you the next day, and Anthony the next.
  3. You nod, and finish your desert. You all leave once finished. You are really tired, so you just go to bed, it's been an eventful day.
  4. You wake up the nest day at nine AM. You don't know what Chris will teach you, so you wear something that you would of wore if he wasn't. What is it?
  5. You leave you're room at 9:30 to get breakfast. Tristan is already there putting out breakfast bagels for people to grab. He sees you come in and smiles at you. and when he thought you weren't looking he looked you up and down and mouthed 'WOW'. You giggled and his face turned red. "Soooo, how's life?" you ask. "It's good! Doing a bunch of regular chores today, and that's all." You nod and say, "Fun!" You both laughed, he obviously forgot about yesterday.
  6. Brian enters, and looks you down too, "You look great today ____!" You smile at him and say thanks. You look at Tristan and notice that he won't look at Brian. And you look at Brian and notice him trying to hide a piece of paper he was reading. You think, 'Something's going on here, I wonder what!' But before you can think about it more Chris enters. He laughs nervously and says, "Those girls did great shopping for you _______, uuuuuhhhhh, you ready to train?" "Ya, let me just put away my plate!" You reply. But before you can do anything Tristan just takes it from you and says, "Just go learn how to protect yourself! I got this." He smiles at you. "Thanks!" You smile back at him, and you follow Chris.
  7. Chris leads you to a room FULL of technology. He looks at you nervously and says, "I'm kind of the geek here, and I'm going to teach you to do some technical work. Many gangs rely on technology to do things, so if you know about it, and know a little about hacking, it could help you if ever needed." You nod and say, "Can we get started?" He nods quickly and starts with you on the basics. But he quickly moves on to the more advanced things.You two finish early, and he looks at you, you can tell he wasn't planning for this.
  8. He says, "You learn fast. Ummmmmmmmm, we have, uhhhh, an hour to go." You look at him and ask, "Why are you so nervous around me, I'm not going to hurt you." He looks at you surprised, and looks down ashamed. "It was a part of how I came a power, I really haven't said much of my story." he says. "Tell me!" You plead, and you add big innocent eyes, you think, 'Just to add the signing of the contract, he WILL tell me now!'.
  9. He sighed, "Ok, well it started five years ago. I was leading in the national math competition for my age. I won, and took home $25,000 for reward. I met this girl, Kaley, and she was great. She asked me out, and we became what most couples wished they were. But, I never expected what she was actually doing. I was in the lab when I found a note to Kaley. Normally I keep to my own business, but I was bored so I read it. It said, 'When can you get away from that nerd boyfriend? I want to hang out in, well, bed, you up for it?' I was surprised, we were just 15. And at that moment, a nuclear bomb exploded on top of me, starting the war. I was in pain for days. But when the pain stopped, I found that I had telekinesis. Elated with my discovery, I set out to find Kaley and find out if she was safe. I found her, making out with her other boyfriend. I stood there crying. I decided to stop this and turn her around with my powers. She looked at me and said, 'OMG! You're a freak now! I needed a man, that's why I cheated, I only had you to buy me expensive stuff, and now look at me! I could sell all the things and be richer thatn you and you're family!' She laughed and ran off with him. Soon after, I met Brian, and he took care of me and established the gang with me at his side."
  10. He finished, and you said, "I would never do that to you! I promise!" To show that you meant it you kissed him on the cheek. He looked up and said, "Thanks, it feels nice to get that off my chest." You smile reassuringly at him. He checks his watch and says, "It's time for diner, let's go." You nod and follow him out the door.
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