That One Night... (part 2)

this is part two of my new love series That One Night. i have another called which hottie will you love but its still unfinished. anyway please enjoy part two.

ok guys: Randy your mortal boyfriend, has black hair and grey eyes. Drake the vampire that saved you life, has black hair with red streaks and deep beautiful brown eyes.

Created by: xVaMpIrEx

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  1. your still thinking about Drake but you dont have much time. suddenly your dad bursts in and says "where the hell were you at?" you look at your clock and see the sure enough its passed curfew. even at vamp speed you didnt make it.
  2. your wondering if you should tell him about what happened, but decide not. he might think your crazy and put you in the crazy house. so you say "its a good walk from Randy's to here." you think its a good lie but then your dad says "than how come you didnt came through the front door?"
  3. you say "i um came through the back?" it sounds more like a question than a statement. you hope he doesnt notice, luckily he doesnt. probly only because he had been drinking a lil. he says "ok then" and walks out. you fall on to your bed and think of...
  4. suddenly you wake to your cell ringing. you look at the ID and see that its Randy
  5. you anwser and say "hey Randy" "hey babe how are you" you think of last night you lie and say "im good" "great hey. wanna go bowling with me and some other people..."
  6. you say yes and randy says he'll pick you up at seven. you see that its already twelve in the afternoon so you decide to eat your breakfast/lunch and then get ready
  7. by the time your done with everything (it doesnt take you that long to get ready your mom left you a list of chores to do) its six. suddenly you here a knock at your window. you look and see that its... DRAKE!!!!
  8. you quickly let him in because a guy floating outside your window isnt normal. he looks a you and says "are you fixing to leave _____?" you say "no i still... hey how do you know my name?" "i um"
  9. "i've been watching you for a while." "why" you ask. "because like me your great grandmother was a vampire... actually the queen" suddenly your mind is full of so many questions you get dizzy and sit on the edge of you bed. "so why do you have to watch me" you say but efore Drake can anwser, the door bell rings
  10. "i'll tell you later" Drake says. he gives you a quick lingering kiss and vanishes.
  11. the door bell rings again and you head downstairs to greet Randy.

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