Team Edward or Team Jacob

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Thread Topic: Team Edward or Team Jacob

  • Jade Black Experienced
    Twilight = team Seth
    Real Life for different reasons = Team Taylor Lautner
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    Home gurl Novice
    Team Jacob!
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    Kish Hot Shot
    I'm still Team Kish
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Mine will beat everyone's.

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    name Experienced
    Team food
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    Viktor Junior
    Team I-wanna-kick-Edward-in-balls.
  • rose99 Newbie
    I'm team ME!!!
  • greg house Newbie
    team f--- twilight
    team ian malcolm for the epic win
  • strawbicula Newbie
    jacob hes hot and my best bud would die for him
    hes hot but if Emmett was a choice id pick him
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    katanasky Novice
    Team Tyler, it's a shame he didn't actually hit Bella.
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    katanasky Novice
    Team Tyler, the dude almost hit Bella! Too bad Edward was there.
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    Viktor Junior
    You mean jacob I estimate?
  • FLgirl92 Newbie
    I have always been and always will be a card carrying member of Team Edward. Jacob can suck my metaphorical dick.
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    Team idgaf.

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