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  • "the torture game it's fun you can cut off there arms and legs with a chainsaw or you can shot em"
  • sandwichs
    "i know that there aremalot of sandwichs out there. but what i want to know is what one is your favorite one to eat. i'll start by saying t..."
  • They're ending House
    "they better not i will go ape s--- if they do"
  • House MD
    "sorry there's no such thing as normal crap got to go wombat messd up a lab test"
  • dead babies
    "how many trips does it take to pick up three dead babies? answer: one if you use a pitchfork"
  • "hay i agree with you there are alot of soaps thats why i made a new topic to talk about so there could be something other then soaps"
  • soda
    "there are so many brands of soda out so many choice's to choose from what I want to know is what soda you like to drink. I like pepsi and c..."
  • "man this is makeing me hungry but i do like wendy's the frenchfrys are good"
  • "anastasia yup when it's not snowing! lol have you ever heard of the comedian bob marley?"
  • House MD
    "i'm glad to here i have fans"
  • The Simpsons
    "spiderpig spiderpig does what ever a spiderpig does can he swing from a web no he can't cuse's he's a pig look out here comes the spiderpig!..."
  • jeff goldblum
    "this thred is about the vary cool actor jeff goldblum. and what you think about him, what movies you've seen him in all that good stuff."
  • "team f--- twilight team ian malcolm for the epic win p.s I LOST THE GAME"
  • "ok no one has said it so i'm going to....why is the rum allways gone! lol now that that's out of my system i have to say my fave guys from p..."
  • insane clown posse
    "cool i'm glad to hear that i am not the only one who likes icp"

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