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  • greg house Newbie
    yea and she found me i am hideing in one of the clinic rooms eating cherry lollipops and watching my soaps till i can signout
  • greg house Newbie
    whew managed to avoid clinc duty now off to my office so i can climb over the balcony to go bug willson but first to the cafeteria to eat a rueben
  • icinoddness Novice
    I love House, I watch it ALL the time!
  • greg house Newbie
    i'm glad to here i have fans
  • irishlass17 Newbie
    @ greg wow you sound just like him when you say that and you spelled hear wrong
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    flibber Junior
    Just posting here to get the forum back to normal.
  • greg house Newbie
    sorry there's no such thing as normal crap got to go wombat messd up a lab test

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