How Autistic Are You?

About one in 150 children in the United States are diagnosed with Autism. It is more common in boys than in girls. Many autistics are unable to speak (around 40%). Many do not have family to help care for them or have a chance to get a job and live on their own. Few autistics are able to work at a job and may be able to live entirely on their own. Others may require a degree of support to be able to live semi-independently.

How autistic are you? If you have autism, go ahead and take the quiz. Do you have the ability to fight autism and be able hold down a job and take care of yourself? In just a few minutes you will find out! NOTE: This quiz is NOT intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

Created by: Josh
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  1. Do you repeat other peoples words out loud?
  2. Can you speak?
  3. Can you read?
  4. Can you write?
  5. Do you like to be hugged?
  6. Are you sensitive to loud sound?
  7. Do you arrange items or toys in a certain way?
  8. Do you like to spin items or toys around?
  9. How do you express your anger?
  10. What's your highest level of education?
  11. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  12. Do you have a job?
  13. Do you drive a car?
  14. How good are you in mathematics?
  15. Can you cook your food?
  16. Can you do your own laundry?
  17. Can you shower/bathe?
  18. Do you know how to use a vacuum?
  19. Do you know how to use a lawn mower?
  20. Do you know how to use power tools?
  21. Do you know how to use electronics? e.g: TV, CD/DVD player, Stereo, etc.
  22. Do you know how to use a computer?
  23. Can you wash a car?
  24. Can you schedule your appointments?
  25. Do you know how to manage your money?
  26. Do you know how to write a resume and cover letter?
  27. Can you ride a bicycle?
  28. Do you know how to use a telephone?
  29. Do you make weird noises?
  30. Do you act weird?

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