Are You a Fierce Autism Advocate

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With so many quizzes out there, I thought it would be fun to have one that focuses on the Autism parents/advocates out there!! We have lives that can often be challenging! More often than not, parents and advocates have to push for the services a child needs and deserves! Do you think you are you a fierce Autism Advocate? Take the quiz to find out!

Did you know that parents with children diagnosed with Autism often have to fight for services for their children on a daily basis? DO you think you know what it means to be an Autism Advocate? A fierce one at that?? Take the quiz to find out!!

Created by: ejautism

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  1. When you attend an IEP meeting, do you
  2. Your child is having a behavior in the grocery store, you:
  3. Light reading for you would be
  4. A melt down is:
  5. PECS are
  6. Motor Planning is
  7. Public Law 94-142 is
  8. A BIP is
  9. Which of the following describes an eloper?
  10. a 504

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Quiz topic: Am I a Fierce Autism Advocate