Do you have Autism?

***IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!*** This quiz is to see if you have Autism. You are also getting tested for Asperger's Syndrome, which is a mild form of Autism.

Please note that I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. If this quiz says that you are showing signs of either disorder, I suggest you seek help from a professional.

Created by: Frostire
  1. I tend to feel socially awkward.
  2. I find it easy to make and keep friends.
  3. I like to focus on one thing at a time rather than multi-tasking.
  4. I am well organized.
  5. I often have trouble focusing. I easily get distracted. (If you have been professionally diagnosed with ADHD, please select the last choice)
  6. I have multiple obsessions that I could talk on and on for hours about.
  7. I often say things that I don't mean. I rarely think before I speak.
  8. I am very empathetic.
  9. I have/have had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
  10. I have multiple strong phobias.
  11. I tend to socialize more with people older or younger than me, rather than with my peers.
  12. I hate change. I find it hard to deal with anything unpredictable.
  13. I am ready to see my results.

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Quiz topic: Do I have Autism?