Where do you fall on the Omephist Spectrum Disorder?

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This quiz will explain if you are truly Omephist (OSD) or not, this disorder could be another opposite to Autism like William Syndrome, but different from everything.

Please answer honestly, I myself has all those symptoms or "traits" and I would like to know if it already exists in real life! I would really like to hear!

Created by: Mabire
  1. "I love listening to music at full blast, even if it's really loud, I love it to death! And even feel pride!"
  2. "I judge people based on what they are, if there is no authority."
  3. "I have more than two interest but I haven't too many, in fact, I still like everything around it!"
  4. "I have no routine at all, not even a morning routine, everything is hazardous."
  5. I never talk about my passions for long, even if I really love it, I feel weird when I talk too much about it.
  6. I don't care if I'm in the middle of a crowd, even if there are tons of different sounds everywhere, even though the sounds don't mix at all like autists do, I have no sensory overload at all, I can even like it!
  7. I have a poor memory, I forget almost everything and I can't tell what happened yesterday to any of my friends, I can only give a brieve explication.
  8. I have an extreme nostalgia over things, for example, I feel really "nostalgic" "when I see factories and cloudy weather or when I see some Soviet buildings". The sentence between the quotes is just an example, it could be anything else.
  9. I have no anxiety.
  10. I talk naturally and correctly but don't correct other people's grammar.
  11. Instead of being good at only two or one subject(s) at school, I suck at two subjects and it's hard to remember anything, "I can't remember the Spanish lessons or Maths, however, I'm good at the rest, mostly English and French! And also History." Between the quotes = example
  12. Most importantly, when I'm tired, I end up drunk-looking and make stupid expressions, sometimes offend people without knowing it and say nonsense, and even my jokes tries too hard to be weird just by combining nonsense and whatever...
  13. I'm a very good liar! To the point where others litteraly believe me! I've never tried manipulation but I know how to lie though.
  14. I'm not obsessed with being clean at all.
  15. I'm very good at making emotions! To the point where I'm making cartoonish expressions!
  16. It takes me really fast to understand a joke, at least, I think...
  17. I WAS autistic over "6" months ago but everything from it disappeared and left me with very different things, like a virus ate it and then became a mental disorder!
  18. When I'm excited, I drink water.
  19. If the government authorized me to torment someone I hate, I would do it in the best way possible.
  20. I don't always live in my own world, only when I have nothing to do.
  21. I love living my dreams, when I listen to music, I think of something that music would fit in!
  22. I don't take things too literally, and sometimes, I take things like it was a joke or even an metaphore, but overall, I know when people exaggerate, use metaphores and say sarcasm!
  23. I'm not sensitive to bright lights, I even stared at the sun for one second and it didn't hurt, but it left me a little mark on the eye.
  24. I love rubbing my veins and even more when they're bloated!
  25. I can control my emotions easily.
  26. I love change if it is something that isn't related to work.
  27. I hate working, even things I'm good at.
  28. I have far more normal traits than autistic.
  29. I’m a little social, I know how to make friends but it’s not my goal.
  30. And also, I know it isn't true, but someone told me that I had religious delusions and call myself superior to God.
  31. I know when something is going bad but I continue if I like it. If I can get away with it.
  32. I like imagining myself being hated by others for crimes against humanity, I literally dream of that, I believe that's because of everything people did to me and my severe nostalgia.
  33. I like when people suffer, "I even enjoy seeing 9/11, watching Where the Dead Go to Die" and seeing horrible things that nobody should ever see.
  34. I like doing evil things even if I repeatedly tell myself that what I do is in the name of God, even if I’m only planning to do it in the future.
  35. I hate many of my friends because of their ethnics, "I hate Arabs, while you think it’s bad and I know it but it’s necessary for that question, only 10% of my IRL friends are true friends because they are black, white, maybe asians or anything besides Arab."
  36. I also judge people because of their political thoughts and blame everything on them, I blame the problems on them, then I solve them.
  37. I also hate people because of their tastes in music, videogames and lifestyle.
  38. I make a whole conspiration about everything I hate ruling the world and trying to eliminate me.
  39. Even though I hate my friends, I’m not scared of them and call them out with my mouth pronouncing the word, but unhearable.
  40. I have a tic with my eyes, I close them, and move the eye to a certain direction, I then open my eyes.
  41. I am a fussy eater, but I’m less fussy than the autists are.
  42. I make up my own lies with multiple accounts and pretend it’s someone else like my friend to make sure other people believe it so I can spread lies even more easily.
  43. I copy things and assemble them into one thing.
  44. I spread lies about my friends.
  45. I sleep very late, I fall asleep only after 1 or 2 hours in the bed, but I still wake up on the right time to go to work.
  46. I would like to become dictator and make absurd rules so everyone will be my slave!
  47. I both like and hate my parents, they are stupid and I think it’s true, but I love hugging them and saying nice things to them.
  48. I hate when an offensive cliché like racism or antihumanism is overused and I include them in my conspiration about Satan controlling the media.
  49. I believe that I’m superior to the whole universe and everyone and every species, and without them, the universe will collapse.
  50. I like or maybe love messed-up hardcore things and wish it could happen to anyone I don’t like (which I obviously hate to death like Les U. Knight) and I would like that they all suffer and horribly immoral and gore hardcore things happen to them!
  51. When I watch a gore movie or event, I feel like this isn’t enough and that the things should be more messed-up.
  52. The most important thing is that I had lost Autism only last year, it literally did collapse and it’s going so far to the other extreme that I jumped over the NT and William Syndrome and ended up with all those symptoms.

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Quiz topic: Where do I fall on the Omephist Spectrum Disorder?