Are you autistic?

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects over 1 percent of the world's population. People with autism may have difficulty with social skills, repetitive behaviours, trouble managing emotions, and overly sensitive senses.

Have you ever wondered if you have autism? This quiz will give you an idea of how many traits you have. THIS QUIZ IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL DIAGNOSIS. It is just for fun.

Created by: quark14
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  1. Do you have trouble making eye contact?
  2. Do you have trouble making friends?
  3. Do you have trouble knowing how close to stand to others?
  4. Do you have trouble reading body language?
  5. Do you have trouble reading facial expressions?
  6. Do you have trouble expressing empathy for others?
  7. Do you prefer to be alone?
  8. Do you tend to speak too bluntly, getting you in trouble?
  9. Is your speech typically very formal?
  10. Do you tend to repeat what others say?
  11. Do you feel exhausted after socializing?
  12. Do you feel like you've never fit in anywhere?
  13. Do you have very intense interests that you're very passionate about?
  14. Do you have interests that would be considered unusual for your age?
  15. Do you tend to go on and on about your interests in conversation?
  16. Do you have trouble knowing what to say in a conversation?
  17. Do you have a strict routine that you follow?
  18. Do you get upset when your routine is disrupted?
  19. Do you do any repetitive movements, like hand flapping, rocking, or fidgeting with hands?
  20. Do you tend to enjoy repetitive, stimulating activities like spinning in circles, spinning the wheel of a car, etc.?
  21. Were you late to start talking?
  22. Do you have meltdowns or outbursts when things happen that upset you?
  23. Do you shut down or stop reacting when you are upset?
  24. Do you hate being touched?
  25. Do bright lights bother you?
  26. Do you hate loud noises?
  27. Are you especially sensitive to certain tastes or textures of food?
  28. Are you sensitive to certain smells?
  29. Do certain sights or patterns bother you or gross you out, more than most people?
  30. Do you have a restricted wardrobe because certain types of clothing are uncomfortable to you?
  31. Are there certain textures you enjoy stroking or rubbing against yourself?
  32. Do you have a hard time understanding metaphors?
  33. Do you have a hard time understanding jokes?
  34. Do you tend to take sarcasm literally?
  35. Are you bad at sports?
  36. Do you have trouble with fine motor skills, like drawing, writing, or threading a needle?
  37. Do you enjoy using your imagination?
  38. You would describe yourself as:
  39. Do you have trouble identifying your own feelings?
  40. What's your thinking style?
  41. Do you set rules for yourself that you feel you have to follow?
  42. Did you have to learn social rules rather than knowing them by intuition?
  43. Do you talk a lot?
  44. Are you affectionate?
  45. Your physical pain tolerance is:
  46. Do you enjoy statistical information?
  47. Is there a certain subject that you're exceptionally talented in?
  48. Do you have trouble understanding people's tone of voice?

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Quiz topic: Am I autistic?