How neurotypical are you? :)

The word "Neurotypical" can mean many different things depending on the person using it. However, most people agree that people with autism, automatically aren't "neurotypical". and the most common usage of the word is to mean "non-autistic". Some think of being neurotypical as a "disorder" rather than autism being the "disorder".

Are you neurotypical? Is socializing important to you? Are you good at socializing? Take this test to find out! Oh, and it is important to note that this test is not meant to diagnosis you with autism and it's not meant to offend anybody. Also, it's not scientific or anything. So keep that in mind!

Created by: emberscatsootie
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  1. I am a social genius.
  2. I like to have conversations with people.
  3. I make friends easily.
  4. I am bothered by certain sounds, sights, textures, smells and tastes.
  5. I have narrow, strong interests.
  6. I focus on details, rather than the big picture.
  7. I like events, such as parties, where there is lots of noise and people.
  8. I find small talk easy.
  9. I often find that I don't know what to say in conversations.
  10. I tend to forget faces.
  11. Do you think in words or pictures?
  12. Are you a picky eater?
  13. Do you prefer animals or people?
  14. Do you like spending time alone?
  15. Are you good at sports?
  16. Do you tend to have "emotional outbursts"?
  17. Do you tend to get "attached" to objects?
  18. Do you sometimes say things that people are offended by when you weren't intending to offend them?
  19. Are your interests "typical" for your age?
  20. Do you have a monotone voice, loud/quiet or fast voice?
  21. Have people every told you that your walking style is unusual?
  22. Do you find it easy to figure out rules of games?
  23. Socializing is.......
  24. Which would upset you the most?
  25. If someone asked if you thought a shirt looked good on them and you thought it looked AWFUL, what would you most likely say?
  26. How many people are at the ultimate party?
  27. What is the most important thing in a friend or these?
  28. Your friends are........
  29. People consider you sense of humour...........
  30. Do people think of you as empathetic?
  31. How are others most likely to describe you?
  32. What do you do when you meet new people?
  33. What is/was the biggest struggle for you in school?
  34. Your speech.......
  35. Imagine this: You are at an airplane and your flight is delayed, when you finally get on the plane, they need to deice it, the plane has to wait to be deiced because they are deicing other planes, they say it will be 10 minutes, but it's actually more like 30, the you have to wait for the plane to be deiced, how do feel?
  36. Imagine this: You go to a restaurant and they sit you by the kitchen, which is very loud and has lots of bright lights around it, the music is also really loud, how do you feel?
  37. Imagine this: You go to your favourite restaurant and always order the same thing, but today, they are out of it, what do you do?
  38. Imagine this: Your best friend is upset because a mutual friend "broke up" with your best friend over something your best friend thought was silly. He/she is really upset about the "break up" so comes to you for comfort. However, you honestly think the reason for the "break up" was completely understandable and they are no longer talking, what do you do?
  39. Bonus Question: Did the spelling and grammar errors bother you in this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How neurotypical am I? :)