Are You On the Autism Spectrum?

This quiz will allow you to understand what symptoms might indicate you are autistic. It will also let you know if you share symptoms that autistic people do. This was made for entertainment as well, so please do not take the results as diagnostic material. If you score high, you are more likely to be autistic, that does not mean you are or aren't though.

If you are autistic, feel free to tell me where my quiz could have used improvement in accuracy in the comments. Also, I encourage everyone to post their score and what you were expecting. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Created by: Justin Weaver
  1. Do you have difficulties understanding literary phrases or figurative language?
  2. You are placed in the middle of a liven up party, which has flashing lights, loud music, and lots of people dancing like crazy all around. How do you feel?
  3. Do you talk or communicate using dialogue you've heard or read from something?
  4. Do you physically stim often? ( such as flapping your hands, twirling your hair, biting your cheek, etc..)
  5. Do you get overwhelmed by certain sensory information and if so how does that feel?
  6. Do you use social scripts when talking to people?
  7. Do you repeat words that people have just said to you? ( it's called echolalia)
  8. Do you like being in many other people's company for a long amount of time?
  9. Do you often feel out of control with your emotions?
  10. Have you ever experienced a meltdown or a shutdown?
  11. Do you have difficulty keeping or maintaining eye contact? (I'm not asking if you have been forced to be able to keep it)
  12. Are you good at detecting sarcasm?
  13. Do others think you are a literal thinker? Are you a literal thinker?
  14. Do you have a certain skill or ideal that you obsess about? ( could be with an animal, a skill, a game, etc..)
  15. What is your view on social communication?
  16. With social interaction, what is the most difficult part?
  17. have you had or still do have developmental delays? ( such as reaching milestones late)
  18. Have you been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder? Asperger's syndrome or autistic disorder for example. ( in case you were unaware about the changes in the dsm 5)
  19. Do you find it easier to communicate with non-autistic people or autistic people?
  20. Finally, do you believe you are autistic ?

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Quiz topic: Am I On the Autism Spectrum?