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  • I can highly relate to SamD. Even though I can ride a bike, thanks for sharing that bro.

    Rossana Nov 10 '18, 1:46AM
  • 39% I was diagnosed with it and the stigma gets to me. I do have people who help me through it though. I'd probably be in the cemetery right now if it wasn't for them. (Sorry if this triggered anyone)

    Rossana Nov 10 '18, 1:38AM
  • I created the quiz when I was 16, and spellcheck didn't work on my computer very well at the time. I would delete the quiz, but it's locked so I can't

    emberscatsootie May 7 '18, 9:24PM
  • Mwa ha, I was, like "I totally have to PM the creator and mention the grammatical errors!"

    Coburn Apr 11 '18, 4:17PM
  • I didn't create the gender question, the site automatically puts in it. I wouldn't have a gender question at all if it was up to me. By the way, it does not affect your result. It's kind of annoying that the site makes you include that question.

    emberscatsootie Apr 26 '16, 10:10PM
  • Why doesn't the gender queation have a non-binary option? It's not fair that I have to answer with what I was assigned at birth when I'm neither male nor female. And it has been proven that more people on the autism spectrum are gender non-conforming them those who are not on the spectrum.

    AlexisRae Apr 25 '16, 9:44PM
  • There are some questions that dont have a possibility that fits what my reaction could be.

    If it happens if it would,
    18 legs on a one hound...

    One has to tolerate what one can not change!

    bubbag Apr 25 '16, 3:59PM
  • 7 percent neurotypical..

    ceboidea Apr 23 '16, 10:22AM
  • Creator of quiz here again. I meant to say "At the time, I was not allowed to use the internet after 11:00 so didn't have time to proofread it (or ask anyone for help because I am the world's worst proofreader) and I was tired of making it and didn't really want to look it again so posed it" as well.

    emberscatsootie Apr 13 '16, 5:32PM
  • Sorry a million times for the grammar error. I was 16 when I made the quiz and the site tells me I'm not allowed to edit. At the time. I was actually thinking of deleting the quiz but I can't. Sorry. It's on here forever.

    emberscatsootie Apr 13 '16, 2:59PM
  • Sorry a million times for the grammar error. I was 16 when I made the quiz and the site tells me I'm not allowed to edit. At the time. I was actually thinking of deleting the quiz but I can't. Sorry. It's on here forever.

    emberscatsootie Apr 13 '16, 2:58PM
  • 66%. It would help if the quiz creator would review each question in order to correct the grammatical errors.

    Jo_die_2 Mar 21 '16, 12:32PM
  • this was the hardest test to get through because of the fracking grammar!!!!!!!!!

    fcukyou Mar 13 '16, 1:25PM
  • I score 8% and it says I'm not a neurotypical at all which doesn't surprise me at all

    haryhanne Oct 27 '15, 1:07PM
  • 97%! yay. When i was young, i was diagnosed as autistic, but the diagnosis appears to be no longer valid. i enjoy socializing a lot and never like doing things the same way over and over again anymore.

    makenasjames Aug 12 '15, 10:51AM
  • 0% Neurotypical

    I find this evaluation to be quite factual. Even though this is clearly not a professional quiz and is far too short (with spelling errors), it was still quite a decent list of questions. The main Asperger's quiz lists me at 8 of 200 on Neurotypical and 192 of 200 on Aspie.

    QuiteAware Jan 6 '15, 4:13AM
  • You are 0% neurotypical!

    You aren't neurotypical at all. Sure, it may mean others think of your social skills as "very poor", but that's doesn't mean you aren't good at anything, you probably have a skill other than socializing, which is probably not something you enjoy anyway. It is very likely that you are autistic.

    BroteinShake Feb 4 '13, 4:20AM
  • I'm not sure how good/relevant the questions are but the grammar and spelling mistakes are horrendous. I had to guess some answers as the questions were unclear. I tried to click to rate the quiz but it just automatically selected way more stars than I'd have given it. Frustrating!

    Margaret Mar 19 '12, 6:20PM
  • At 37%, this does make sense. Although I was diagnosed with autism at a young age, I have always been told that I am probably more neuro-typical than most with the condition. Particularly now that I have reached adulthood, things like social interaction are getting a little easier. And despite the fact that making friends is still a moderately hard for me, just remember that practise makes perfect. It's like riding a bike; ironically however I still can't ride a bike!!

    SamD Sep 25 '11, 9:35AM
  • 48%
    I have absolutely no idea how to react.
    Good quiz?

    BuffyAVampKitty Apr 4 '11, 6:35PM
  • 34% for me as well. Though i know i'm not autistic i'm certainly intraverted. Though I had trouble throughout school with bullies and so I tend to shy away from most until i get to know them. It can be difficult for some of
    us that are shy, kind, caring and considerate. Some people
    see this as being different and anything thats different
    can be misunderstood. We fear what we do not understand !

    Mikey00 Apr 2 '11, 4:21PM
  • 53%

    rbfiel22 Mar 31 '11, 1:17AM

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