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  • "That's a valid point. I think it might be an automatic question that's on all quizzes like these one quiz I saw said they couldn't…"

    In response to AlexisRae:

    "Why doesn't the gender queation have a non-binary…"

  • "28% neurotypical. I'm not autistic, but even my psychiatrist of fourteen years says I'm "odd." She said that if I wasn't so good at…"

  • "85% Very masculine

    "You are rough, tough, badass and practical. If you're a man, you fit society's norm perfectly. You are the…"

  • "For someone who is agender and female, they could be called girlflux (shifting from no gender to girl and back), demigirl (partially…"

    In response to Jnl:

    "So half of the time I feel like a woman and…"