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  • 18%! Yeah that's true... I got only like one best friend who's like me.

    Mythologyfreak Mar 30 '11, 11:00PM
  • 25% Not good at socializing, still enjoy it,; but in small groups. Better at other things. Possibly Autistic...

    Well , I do have Aspergers Syndrome (Medically Diagnosed) which is a form of Autism. It causes much more severe social anxiety than those without it; Aspergers makes social interaction for me almost as difficult as moving around for a person with Polio. Just wanted to have the confirmation and and share a little bit.

    EVIL1357 Mar 28 '11, 6:42PM
  • About 32%, I'm not autistic though, lol. Just not a fan of loud places and, I'm somewhat intraverted at times.

    cutestuffx333 Mar 28 '11, 6:24PM
  • Oh, and I forgot....AWESOME QUIZ!

    DragonKitty Mar 28 '11, 3:58PM
  • 16%. Wow. That was unexpected! But sadly true. I don't know if I'm autistic or not. I wonder.....

    DragonKitty Mar 28 '11, 3:57PM
  • s---! IT POSTED TWICE!

    Appayipyip42 Mar 27 '11, 6:52PM
  • 34%

    Appayipyip42 Mar 27 '11, 6:51PM
  • 34%

    Appayipyip42 Mar 27 '11, 6:49PM

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