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Veitman Syndrome (aka : Insanorum) as a disorder on the spectrum of Omephism, is a specific mix of personality disorders and odd way of feeling and beliefs, you could trust something but you don't feel like your trusting it.

It can also be very negative for people around, as they manipulate others to get attention, either excessive praise or excessive hate, they want all of it.

Created by: Mabire

  1. When you're angry against someone, do you like searching gory images, 9/11 or other immoral piece of medias to feel happy again?
  2. Are you obsessed with more than 5 subjects?
  3. Did you develop early sexual attraction to children even though you were also a child? (8 years old minimum)
  4. You love attention, but most of the time, you can control your need for attention and at least have tried to do things to be the center of attention one time.
  5. Do you scratch your fingers?
  6. If you could do it, would you try the hardest way possible to get attention like causing deadly wars, genocides or tons of case of murders?
  7. Does terrible events such as WW2 or 9/11 have personal meanings to you?
  8. Are you very aware that you acted stupid even though no one told you that?
  9. Do you feel like you're owning the world but can't control it?
  10. What's your usual stimming?
  11. How good are you at socializing?
  12. Do you sometime forget why you put a specific object to an area?
  13. Do you have a low case of ADHD?
  14. When you strongly believe something, you don't feel like believing it so you force yourself to believe even more by telling it to yourself?
  15. Which language is the hardest to speak?
  16. What do you feel when you do something wrong even though you wanted to do it?
  17. If you where authorized to, would you cause crimes against humanity and be considered as the antichrist?
  18. If someone acts stupid, would you compare them to a group of people and take it seriously instead of an offensive joke you made?
  19. Do you like to be evil?
  20. Are you good at socializing and is socializing your main goal?
  21. When you manipulate someone, how would you react?
  22. Do you think you have religious delusions such as claiming to be God repeatedly to yourself?
  23. Would you take interest in on thing for 1, 2 or 3 days then move on?
  24. When you watch a video of someone talking about a movie that was really bad, do you imagine your own movie being totally worse and the reviewer totally insulting it?
  25. Did you have Asperger syndrome and then ended up in a final meltdown and every aspect of Asperger's are fading away?
  26. Do you describe yourself in poetic ways and think you're allowed to break the rules?
  27. Do you have cartoony expressions?
  28. Do you distrust other people but let them do it anyways?
  29. Do you have eyeside hallucination, that means that you have hallucinations on the extreme sides of your eyes, the part you can't really see.
  30. Do you make up your own voice in your head and respond to it like it was actually someone else?
  31. When you were little, did you have passion for evil?
  32. Sometimes you're pretty sympathetic and you have a little empathy for other people, but other times, you don't care about them.
  33. Do you plan to cause horrible crimes against humanity only for attention and for enjoyment?
  34. Do you manipulate others so your creations get attention?
  35. Do you like dark and cruel depressing things but pretend that you're normal and neither insane and neither depressive.
  36. Do you hate routines and want change everytime?
  37. Do you like when it was before, even before your birth?
  38. Do you forget words and then remember them after a few seconds?
  39. Do you like to cause trouble?
  40. Would you like to pretend to be dysphoric so you could change anything to you because you would "hide" yourself from the government because you think they will find you?
  41. Is it hard for you to stay focused on topics?
  42. Do you get stuck on your own idea rather than adopting new ones unless that collides with your own?
  43. Do you make nonsense speech when you are tired? Like : Do ya know why blue people are blue? Because they are blue!
  44. Do you have trouble understanding speech sometimes?
  45. Is it hard for you to get asleep?
  46. Do you have confusing feelings that you can't describe and happen for some weird reasons?
  47. Do you feel to be insane but you think you are not?
  48. And finally, do you have excessive nostalgia over things you've never seen or seen and you want to bring everything back?

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