Do you have Idanophrenia?

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Idanophrenia is a POSSIBLE mental pathology that wasn't discovered yet, but could be a result of a fusion between multiple pathologies such as a weak Delirium and Schizophrenia or Psychosis.

This is not confirmed yet, but it could be the actual Veitman Syndrome and should better be called "Zardoz Syndrome", more specific and more rational, it's merged as a condition called Omephism Spectrum Disorder.

Created by: Mabire
  1. When you think, you are regularly confused for whatever reason.
  2. You have intrusive thoughts but it cannot be described as OCD since you refuse to perform rituals and get to routines and prefer change over routines.
  3. Does some kinds of thoughts (including the intrusive ones) give you abnormal feelings that you can't identify and end you up in a mental overload meaning that you end up confused and embarrassed at the same time?
  4. Do you have a very strong hearing that makes you hear very well yet loud sounds are no problem for you?
  5. Do you think you have superpowers
  6. Do you sometimes are a little expressionless and other times are extremely expressionless to the point of looking cartoony?
  7. Do you have any delusions yet you don't feel like trusting them but tell to yourself that those thoughts are true?
  8. Do you do things and go to the wrong places without realizing it?
  9. Are you regularly moonstruck?
  10. Does some food visual textures make you disgusted but not when you like it's taste?
  11. Does you feel like being tickled when you're touched?
  12. Do you forget things but not others even though you're interested in both of them?
  13. Do you think certain groups people are plotting to kill you just because you hate them for reasons that don't match what you think they're gonna do?
  14. Do you think you are God, Jesus or the Antichrist?
  15. Do you hear voices or other kinds of sounds when listening to loud music?
  16. Do you sometimes take things not literally enough?
  17. Have you ever felt like predicting the future even though your emotions, feelings and memories have nothing to do with it?
  18. Do you have problems in certain motor skills but not others?
  19. When you are questioning yourself, are you obsessed with that question?
  20. Do your hear someone close to you calling your name sometimes?
  21. Do you hear voices in your head that calls you?
  22. Do you have problems recalling words for a small amount of time?
  23. Do you have small hallucinations that disappear quickly?
  24. Do you make up voices in your head and respond to them for weird reasons?
  25. Do you hide everything to anyone even if it's innocent because you feel like people would judge you and private you from it?
  26. Are your arms regularly trembling on purpose?
  27. Do you have odd beliefs and thoughts?
  28. Do you talk to yourself without even making sounds?
  29. Are you able to socialize yet you don't really care about making friends?
  30. Do you speak informally everytime with everyone?
  31. You never have nightmares even if you are worried or have sleep problems.
  32. Do you think you have nothing in common with anyone on the earth nor even in the universe?
  33. Do you have regular paranoids delusions, meaning that you have the fear of being judged by other people?
  34. Do you think you are an unrecognized celebrity?
  35. Do you have futuristic delusions such as thinking you have a special mission to do something for/against the world?
  36. Are you extremely paranoid when it's night and switch all lights on and switch all of them off when you reach the bed? (excluding the fear of the dark)
  37. Do you feel like predicting the taste of food while looking at it's texture, color and shape?
  38. Do you sometime impulsively say a sentence for no reason?
  39. Is your speech kind of disorganized? Like when you're talking or typing, you suddenly stop because you can't continue your sentence because of the poor structure?
  40. Are you daydreaming?
  41. You have both short term and long term memory problems.
  42. You don't know if you're faking your identity or if that's true when you claim yourself to be something. eg : Don't know if he is schizophrenic or faking it.

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Quiz topic: Do I have Idanophrenia?