Autism Blogger Attitude Quiz

There is immense diversity in attitudes towards autism, and towards blogging about autism. Are you part of the neurodiverse crowd, a curebie, a moderate, or a "meta-blogger"?

I created this quiz based on my experiences so far with autism bloggers and their attitudes. There is no science or such-like behind it, just little ol' me constructing a quiz one (semi) quiet afternoon.

Created by: Autism and Oughtisms
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  1. Can autism be cured?
  2. If you could cure autism, would you?
  3. Is autism caused by vaccines?
  4. Who are the villains in the autism world?
  5. Why are autism numbers growing?
  6. Most autistic people are...
  7. The heroes of the autism world, are
  8. Autism blogging is all about...
  9. Autistic children belong in what sort of schooling environment?
  10. How would you feel about a test that could reliably identify an autistic child, in the womb?

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