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  • Maybe it was just me, but this quiz was offensive. Not only were the questions/results absurd and poorly worded, they are highly dated "symptoms" that seem more like some sort of checklist than an actual quiz. And a bit too generalized for determining "how autistic" anyone is. Im high functioning and I barely fit any of these descriptors. I hate to tell you, but people with ASD can drive, have relationships, finish school and even complete higher learning, have friends, cook, clean... I mean, seriously...

    To me it seems the creator of this quiz has issues with autistic people. No, I dont need to "improve", there isn't anything wrong with me.

    Guys - do NOT take this quiz seriously. It tells you nothing, other than the person who wrote it has no real idea what Autistic is. Such crap.

    • Dear Nytes, it sounds more like completion of this survey has pricked a reality of Autistic Behaviours / or personality traits in your life.

      I understand your reaction. I was once where you are in completing this. I am finally, @ age 58 getting real world help to make the best of my particular high functioning abilities .. Gary Powell, Melbourne, Australia. 0421200144 (61).

      Gary Powell
    • Yeah, the quiz is fine, i scored 2% autistic so that's your proof right there.

      Garfield Lzanya
    • I got 50%.....
      My doctor said its not accurate.

      I dont think its is... I hardly understood any of it. :/

  • This was a horrible quiz. I'm autistic and couldn't even understand what half the questions were asking or what the hell some of the answers were supposed to mean.

    Not only that, but I found the ending to be a bit ableist, saying I had "room for improvement". Wtf? I don't need to "improve" my behaviour to be less autistic. This was absolutely the s---tiest, most ableist, ridiculous piece of garbage I've ever seen.

    • 23% because you have a job and can drive... I said no for both of them things. I am 13 years old how on earth am I ment to get a job, I clicked the option under 18. These questions are ridiculous most of them not even related to autism. Also how does my level of education affect anything? I'm 13 I obviously don't have a master's degree!

    • This quiz is a disservice. When looking at the multiple-choice wording, the quiz seems like it may have been meant as a joke, which could be damaging to people who take it seriously. The choices include the typical yes and no, then meaningless filler. No one should take it seriously and I think it should be removed from this website.

    • This quiz is really patronising.

      Also, I got 7% and because of this it said that I must have been raised well.

      Does this imply that people who are severely autistic are that way because they were raised badly? Some parents of severely autistic children might object to that.

      • My mum and dad raised me perfectly fine... I got 50%

    • This is to opionated and subjective. I do not enjoy the way the creator of this quiz created the questions and answer choices. A lot are based upon the perspective of the person, they actually may be weird, but they view themselves a normal.

    • You are 43% Autistic 43%

      Your score is not bad however, there is room for improvement. It is never too late to get the help you need to succeed in life. You will go through hard times before reaching your major goals. You may have trouble looking for a job and finding love in your life. You still have potential to better yourself to become a more well-rounded invididual. Never lose hope!

      Good Thing my mom is an ABA Therapist!

      Kiersten 1D
      • ABA is torture and child abuse to Autistics.

        Randy 666
    • I scored very low,I have sensory integration disorder or whatever the newest name of it is at the moment which is part of the Autism spectrum. My parents very babied me really and until my freshman year I had no idea that I had been diagnosed although I can recall spending time both in programs for advanced students as well as time in the special education room for pt and ot as a child.

    • I got 51% but I am not autistic. At least thats what my mom said but I think I am because I am more focused on cartoon characters (and im a freshman in high school) than my peers and i HATE anything social I barely have any friends who I hang out with and i almost never talk in school. My step parents are continuing to yell at me for not having "social skills"

      • you doing good now? it's 2019 buddy :). You were a freshman when posting that so now you should be 3 years done with highschool? thats so cool!

    • I was autistic when i was younger I always flapped my hands around, I hated buttons, anti social, couldn't speak, write, nor spell I didn't have self control, and fragile. Back then I was annoying and was 85% autistic but I'm only 18% autistic maybe less because I have not got to highschool yet.

    • 11% surprised by the result actually coz I feel I can't do what normal people can, be able to find and get a job, get a relationship or evn socialise which I always avoid. But hey I wouldn't take all the word from the results there are lots of different perspectives in this world!

    • You are 13% Autistic 13%

      You are one of the lucky ones. You have been raised very well by your parents. You've actually graduated from college! Either with a two-year, four-year, master's or even a Ph.D degree. You have a LOT of potential to live on your own, take care of yourself and hold down a good paying job. You also have the potential to get married and start a wonderful family of your own. You are an inspiration! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

      This is completely wrong. I am high-functioning.

      • Same Im night functioning-
        I did get 50% tho....

    • 37%, high functioning. truth.

      As for the chap who said they didn't believe in autism or mental illness... how thick can you get?

      Some of the questions, I feel, didn't relate, i.e. some people are too young to drive cars who take this test, or too young to get a job.

    • Dammmnn. 78% autistic? Nah, I only got that cuz I'm a little *ahem* lazy. And maybe a bit random ( I enjoy just yelling out random things, so what? I'm dumbbbb like that. Jk, nah. I'm just ya average teen :p)

      Nice quiz,
      -ghettobabe4ever ♡

      (damn, I'm insane sounding. And this, children, is why we don't take quizzes at 3 A. M in the morning XD)

    • I got 56%. I am diagnosed with autism, and am mostly moderate functioning. I have much experience helping me be more functional than I otherwise would be, but I am still very very autistic. Not sure that "56% autistic" really describes it though, that seems low.

    • I can hide under the covers when the cleaners start vacuuming the corridor all by myself!

      I am old enough to answer all questions and scored 37% - higher than I expected. I'd be considered high-functioning in general and am now studying software engineering.

    • I filled this out for my mom. I tried three times, and each time, it said she could drive a car, although I entered no. It refused to take no for an answer. I also said she had no job. It said she was highly functioning because she can drive and get a job. It makes me distrust this test.

    • I think the problem with the test is a lot of the questions aren't really applying that much to autism. They're more applying to Learning Disabilities that sometimes come with autism. I got 41%

    • Don't even bother with this quiz. It's a piece of crap, seriously. Find a real Aspergers Syndrome quiz on Google or something because this is highly inaccurate.

    • 31%, although I had to ignore some questions. I dunno if I have any mental illnesses, but I'm pretty insecure around people that someone I trust hasn't introduced to me.

    • I feel several of the questions were offensive.especially the last one.

      I have aspergers and I know for a fact that autism has very little to do

      with, for one, car washing, unless servere.

    • I don’t like how you made it all seem like a joke. I found it quite offensive. You also shouldn’t have a “yes” and “no” plus some other s---. Try something like “all the time”, “sometimes”, “rarely”, and “never” instead.

    • i got 21% wich is ok with me i mean i have sensory intergration disorder aka sid i can do stuff for myself but i do need help with stuff like math, money im geting better at that and spelling i have vary poor spelling skills. and when it comes to friends i have only a few i've never been good at makeing them.

      greg house
    • First, I said I can't Drive a Car.Second We don't use Functioning Labels and third this is a very Abelist test, clearly not done by an Adult on the Spetrum. We don't grade levels of Autism. I am #actuallyautistic

      Randy 666
    • I took this test just from curiosity. I'm not autistic. Anyway I'v got 7%. I'm not sure what does this say about the test.


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