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  • favorite singer
    "i like Beyonce also... kinda Nicki Menaj too"
  • Team Edward or Team Jacob
    "jacob hes hot and my best bud would die for him hes hot but if Emmett was a choice id pick him"
  • Marshmallow World.
    "o mi god i sang that in choir in December! [:0] well good luck that song takes time"
  • favorite singer
    "Mine is adele, but i also like abba. come on and post it!"
  • Adele
    "adele is my favorite singer and let me tell you something. If you think she's FAT that doen't make you SKINNY. If you think sh"
  • "i have written too many songs to count for vocals and piano but i am working on a really good one right now( at least i hope its good) ..."
  • "probably never heard of Sarah Jarosz... or have you? [:0]"

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