Do U LOVE Justin Bieber?

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There are a lot of girls that like Justin Bieber, but only a few that LOVE him in my Quiz!!! COME TAKE MY JUSTIN BIEBER QUIZ! If you don't take this quiz, you don't love Justin Bieber!!!

Are YOU a real fan of Justin Bieber? Come see if you are one of those "REAL LOVERS"!!! In just a few mins. You will find out!!! COME NOW, COME!!!

Created by: Blake
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you hang posters on your walls or above your bed of him?
  2. Can you listen to one of his songs repetely and not get tired of it?
  3. Everyday, do you need to see his face or hear his voice? Just to cheer you up? (on Youtube)
  4. Right when you saw him on youtube or (where ever)...could you just feel that he was the one?
  5. Are You Just In LOVE with him?
  6. What did you notice right away when you saw him?
  7. Would you rather have Justin as your BF, just a friend, like a brother, or NOT ANYTHING!!
  8. Have you met Justin? (be truthful, this doesn't help your your score!)
  9. Do you already have a BF?
  10. Do you know all of Justin's songs??

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