What guy will you most likely end up with ?

There are many men in the world but only one right for you . Which one ? What type ? You never know what will happen between you and these two boys. They are very different but you begin to have feelings for both of them. You have to let one of them go and think i cant have them both. This is pretty fun to do and doesnt take much of your time.

See which one is right for you . Do you have enough love in your heart to forgive Justin ? Do you love Edward enough to let Justin go ? In a short amount of your time you will find out !

Created by: Arianna
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  1. You are new at a camp and just met your dorm friends. They both seem to like you and dont understand why. Edward seems to like you alot and Justin seems to just want to feel on you. You ___
  2. You realize you want to get to know Edward so you walk back to the dorm and see him alone. What do you do ?
  3. You decide to say hi. He smiles a drop dead gorgeous smile and says hello and grabs your hand to kiss it. You ...
  4. You guys talk for a while and you seem to have a connection but Justin walks in and ruins it. You ...
  5. You excuse yourself and leave with Justin and realize he's a great guy but he told you about his player history and you begin to get confused. You look into his eyes, grab his hand, and kiss him pationately. You think..
  6. You and Justin walk back to the dorm holding hands and Edward gets furious. He begins to yell at you saying .. " I thought we had something but now you are with him !? I cant believe you ! " He storms out the dorm. You ..
  7. You decide to find Edward. You find him and ask him for just 2 minutes of his time. You begin to blabber " Im so sorry Edward. I was confused. He seemed nice and i just couldnt help it. But i dont want him .. i want you. He laughs and says " I love you and i wont give you up that easily " He grabs your hand and stares in your eyes. You ..
  8. You end up with Edward and need to talk to Justin and tell him that the kiss meant nothing and there's nothing between you guys. You find him. Hes flirting with a cheerleader ! You ..
  9. You ask Justin for a minute of his time. He says sure. You guys walk away and he trys to grab your hand but you slightly move to the side. Begin to tell him " I made a mistake. I didnt mean to kiss you and act like i wanted to be more then friends because thats all i want to be. I love Edward and whatever we had is over. And plus your already flirting with that cheerleader so apparently you didnt care if there was something. You let him talk. He begins to say " Im sorry. Thats my girlfriend. I dont like you. Things arent working out with us so well and when its over i will be right by you to get you all to myself. " You stand there and ..
  10. You go running back to Edward crying. You tell him you been played but your happy to be with him. He thinks your lying and he walks away. You..

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Quiz topic: What guy will I most likely end up with ?