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  • lol i liked It

    leza Mar 31 '18, 11:41AM
  • puncation i love u justin my hero i should kiss him just . smoches . heck i love u u r not stupid but edward is u r not random i love with all my heart i should kiss u again. kisses . u r likely to b a player tjo he is a player f--- u justin . throws gass at him .

    rave Jul 13 '14, 5:09PM
  • You all need to study harder in school. Once you get to the real world you will be mocked and kept in a state of poverty due to your lack of grammar - punctuation, capitalization, spelling. Don't let your ignorance and laziness hold you back.

    Honor Sep 3 '12, 2:02AM
  • I got justin and will love him forever

    Lizzeyy Feb 20 '12, 12:07AM
  • Nice quiz !! You should make some more

    Xy624 Jul 27 '09, 10:43PM
  • k i luv the quizzes what what the heck anyway you should make more quizzes

    Marissa2011 Jul 15 '09, 4:17PM

    rachcab21 Jul 15 '09, 2:44PM
  • whoo! what a random quiz!...i love it!

    laughy taffy Jul 15 '09, 11:35AM
  • yay! edward!!!!!! nice quiz and i agree with x aka mrlq x u should make more ^.^

    starfire3 Jul 15 '09, 10:51AM
  • awesome quiz tho, u should make more.

    x aka mrlq x Jul 15 '09, 2:52AM
  • What guy will you most likely end up with ?
    Your Result: Edward

    Edward is sweat , caring , and loving. He has falling for you and loves you with all his heart and when you are with him the world is nothing but a crumb to you.

    i knew i would get him, so obvious. i hate guys that r players, i would never like a guy that i kno is a player.

    x aka mrlq x Jul 15 '09, 2:51AM
  • wtf

    Carri04 Jul 15 '09, 12:04AM

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