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We've got quizzes for Bieber fans and haters alike! And believe it or not, tons of fans have made Bieber quizzes here on GoToQuiz. This page lists a selection of those quizzes. Most are from around 2010, at the peak of Bieber fever.

Our Justin Bieber Quizzes

  • Do U LOVE Justin Bieber?
    [by: Blake, rated: rated: 4.24/5, published: Nov 14, 2009]

    There are a lot of girls that like Justin Bieber, but only a few that LOVE him in my Quiz!!! COME TAKE MY JUSTIN BIEBER QUIZ! If you don't take this quiz, you…

  • Test Your Justin Bieber IQ.
    [by: Natalie, rated: rated: 3.97/5, published: Feb 7, 2010]

    The guy behind the hit song 'One Time'. Dreamy eyes, great hair. You know him. Justin Bieber of course! You may know his songs, but, do you really know the…

  • Do you hate Justin Bieber as much as I do?
    [by: Brittany, rated: rated: 3.82/5, published: Mar 1, 2010]

    Did you ever hear people talk about Justin Bieber & you feel alone in hating him, So you just smile & nod? Well you're not alone! Lots of people hate…

  • Would you be Justin Bieber's Pal, BFF, or GF?
    [by: Ashley, rated: rated: 3.77/5, published: Aug 25, 2010]

    Ever wondered because how you look, act, or how old you are determines what you would to Justin Bieber be if you got to know him? Well this easy quiz will…

  • Are you Justin Bieber's dream girl?
    [by: Janette, rated: rated: 3.75/5, published: Jun 26, 2010]

    Ok there are a lot of quizzes about Justin Bieber's dream girl (or something like that) but all they ask you is your interests, not really the way you are.…

  • Justin Bieber Quiz :)
    [by: Jackie, rated: rated: 3.66/5, published: Apr 4, 2010]

    There are many obsessed girls out there are you one of them? Well this quiz will help you decide if you are a hard core fan of justin Bieber or not!!!!

  • How much do you HATE Justin Bieber
    [by: John, rated: rated: 3.64/5, published: May 25, 2010]

    There are a lot of Justin Bieber lovers in this small world of ours but when Justin Bieber sings, alot of Mrs."Beaver" fans are yelling for a long time and…

  • How well do you know Justin Bieber
    [by: Lydia, rated: rated: 3.49/5, published: Feb 24, 2010]

    Justin Bieber is hard to figure out sometimes but there is one thing I hope everyone know,HE IS HOT!You could meet Justin and know stuff if you take this quiz!

  • How much do you know Justin Bieber?
    [by: ilyjustinbieber, rated: rated: 3.41/5, published: Jan 27, 2010]

    Lots of people HAte him , some people THINK they know everything! well try this quiz to see if you do know everything about THE ONE AND ONLY JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!

  • Would You Be Justin Bieber's 'GIRLFRIEND'?
    [by: Grace Nelson, rated: rated: 3.4/5, published: Jul 27, 2015]

    The way you are will determine if you'd be his girlfriend, his bff, regular best friend, or just know him casually, or if he hates you! Those are the…

  • How well do you know Justin Bieber?
    [by: Alexis, rated: rated: 3.23/5, published: Jan 20, 2011]

    There are a lot of Belibers out there!! Are you one of those belibers that know a lot about Justin Bieber. If you do come and take the quiz let's see how much…

  • How well do you know Justin Bieber
    [by: maci, rated: rated: 2.81/5, published: Oct 20, 2010]

    How well do you know Justin Bieber!!! Take this quiz to test out your Bieber Knowledge and see your Bieber IQ! Let's see how much of a BIEBER FREAK you are!

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