How Much Do You Know Justin Bieber?

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Lots of people HAte him , some people THINK they know everything! Well try this quiz to see if you do know everything about THE ONE AND ONLY JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!

Are you a true JDB fan? A true BELIEBER? Do you think you have BIEBER FEVER? Well take this quiz to find out ! Maybe you are what you think but maybe you don't have what it takes it be a True Fan!

Created by: ilyjustinbieber

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  1. When is He's Birthday?
  2. What is his Youtube Username?
  3. Has he ever had a Celebrity Girlfriend?
  4. What is he's Record Label?
  5. Who signed him?
  6. Who is he's Celebrity Crush?
  7. Favourite Colour is..
  8. First single is..
  9. Where did he grow up in?"
  10. What's his favourite candy?
  11. Does he have any Siblings?
  12. What are The Justin Bieber fans called?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Justin Bieber?