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Hey there , i decided to make a quiz about the person i know EVERYTHING about because the other quizes about him are just SAD ! They really dont know anything about him , they was spelling his mom name WRONG ! ( Personally i think that's disrespectful , especially to my future soon to be mother and law ) So i thought i have a shot at it because i'm his BIGGEST STALKER !

Are YOU a belieber ? Do you know absolutely EVERYTHING about Justin Bieber ? Well IF you think you know him better or maybe as good as i do , you should take this quiz and find out !

Created by: Aaliyah

  1. What is Justin Full Name ?
  2. How old was Justin when he had his first kiss ?
  3. What color is Justin's eyes ?
  4. When was he born ?
  5. What is Justin's dog name ?
  6. What did he get on his 16th birthday by one of his favorite artists ?
  7. What kind of car does Justin currently has ?
  8. Who is Justin favorite Artist ?
  9. Who gave him a kiss on the cheek ?
  10. Who is Justin's manager ?
  11. How was Justin discovered ?
  12. What his mom and dad name ?
  13. What's Justin favorite color ?
  14. What is Justin favorite type of candy ?
  15. When was his first concert in Houston?
  16. What was the name of his first documentary (movie) and when did it came out ?
  17. Who did the song with Justin in Never Say Never ?
  18. How did he learned how to play the instruments he play now , for example drums .

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Quiz topic: What do I know about the Biebs