The Ultimate Justin Bieber Fan Quiz

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest stars today. Many compare him to the biggest artists like Michael Jackson and the Beatles. He's a young star who has made such a huge difference in the world and has fans in every inch of the globe.

Do YOU think you know Justin Bieber? Do you truly call yourself a "Belieber?" You may be in for quite the wake up call. This quiz is not for the faint-hearted or those who arenot well-knowledge. This full-fledge test is full of tricks and turns that only true beliebers will be able to escape.

Created by: Bianca
  1. What is Justin's middle name?
  2. What was Justin's ORIGINAL YouTube account name?
  3. Which of the following dates has the correct day, year, month, and time of Justin's birthday?
  4. Which of the following girls did Justin NOT date?
  5. When did his first album come out?
  6. What is Justin's favorite color?
  7. What is Justin's mother's last name?
  8. What is Justin's sister's name?
  9. What is the correct chronology of Justin's album releases? (from oldest to newest)
  10. What website was used to discover Justin?
  11. Who discovered Justin?
  12. What record label is Justin signed to?
  13. What is Justin's father's name?
  14. How old was Justin's mother when she had Justin?
  15. Which of the following friends did Justin know in his hometown?
  16. Which of Justin's friends did he meet after moving?
  17. Which of Justin's friends did he meet after becoming famous?
  18. What is Justin's favorite sport?
  19. Where did Justin grow up?
  20. Where did Justin move to at age twelve?
  21. How many twitter followers does Justin have, as of Dec. 2012 and on?
  22. Who is Justin's mentour?
  23. (The questions will now be pertaining to music.) Which song did Justin NOT cover?
  24. Which person did Justin not collab with?
  25. Which of these songs was first released as a single?
  26. Which of these was Justin's first single off of Believe?
  27. Which of these was Justin's first single off of Believe?
  28. Finish these lyrics "My prized possesion, one and only, adore you, __________"
  29. Finish these lyrics "Tell me what you like, yeah tell what you don't ___________"?
  30. Name this song, "You're the light that feeds the sun, in my world."
  31. Who co-wrote "Bigger?"
  32. Name the album "You see my baby really needs some help, cause she can never stay at home herself,"
  33. Name the album "Baby I hear melodies, when you're heart beats,"
  34. Who did Justin collab with in his song "Beauty and a Beat?"
  35. Finish the lyrics, "The one that argue feel like I need a new girl be bothered with________"
  36. What song is this? "Did you that I love you, or where not aware?"
  37. What song is this? "We can make the sunshine, in the moonlight, we can make the gray clouds to the blue skies?"
  38. What is Justin's most popular song, reaching over 800 million views on it's music video?
  39. "Could it be a possibility that i'm trying to say what's up?"
  40. What awards did Justin win at the 2012 AMAs?
  41. Which song is also available in French
  42. Who was Justin Bieber's first OLLG?
  43. Who is Justin's biggest celeb crush?

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