Guess that Justin Bieber song!

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Okay, If you are Justin Bieber's biggest fan you might want to click here and take this quiz! Cause you might not think you are afterward!

Do you think you are? If you do then take my quiz, it's really hard so only the true beliebers will make it through! Right now you can only wonder if you will make it, but in just a few precious minutes you will find out!!

Created by: Kaylee010

  1. In Justin Bieber's song Overboard. who is the first singer to start singing?
  2. What are the first words that starts the song Never Say Never?
  3. Baby, Baby, Baby,oh! Thought ____ ______ __ ____
  4. What was Justin Biebers first song?
  5. What was Justin Bieber's first single?
  6. It's a big big world, it's easy _____________.
  7. The love, the Love, it's ______.
  8. That should be me came out in what album?
  9. Did you like my quiz? (No correct answer)
  10. What is your favriote song out of these choices? (No correct answer)

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