Think YOU really know Justin Bieber?

There are so many girls and boys out there who love JB. But how could you love somebody that you don't even know? Well, if you pass this VERY HARD quiz, than you can at least say you know him very well. So, now I'm gonna quiz your knowledge on my very hard quiz, okay?

So do you think YOUR gonna pass? Oh pffft! I'm not sure. This is a really hard quiz, so I'll be very impressed to see that you passed it. Well, go head and quiz your knowledge! See if YOU can become the ULTIMATE Bieber fan. Me and Justin will be waiting...

Created by: Kyra
  1. Where was Justin Bieber born?
  2. What day,date and time was he born?
  3. How tall is Justin?
  4. What are his parents names?
  5. How many siblings does JB have?
  6. What year did he release his first CD?
  7. What is his whole name?
  8. What kinds of instruments did he teach himself to play?
  9. What song was his first single to be released?
  10. Who is Justin's manager?
  11. How did he become famous?
  12. What are his 2 favorite colors?
  13. What kind of language can JB speak fluently other than english?
  14. Who is JB signed by?
  15. What is his lucky number?
  16. What is JB's favorite food?
  17. Which hand does Bieber use while playing his guitar?
  18. What does JB like to do while taking his showers?
  19. Finish lyrics:"I'd like to be,anything you want.__ __,__ __ __ __ __...
  20. Finish lyrics:"I know ya luv me,__ __ __ __.Just shout whenevah,__ __ __ __.

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