Your Life With The Jonas Brothers And What They Think Of You (coo

Now, your life begins as a new member of the Jonas brothers. Disney hooked you up, and well.... don't you wonder what they think of you? Find out in this short quiz. The answers are less obvious than you would think...

Ready for a life with the... JONAS BROTHERS! You signed the contract with Disney and now tour with them... so, what's life like? Find out! Do they love you, hate you, or are they just annoyed with your fangirly-ness? Check it out now!

Created by: Smarty

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  1. You see Nick sleeping under a tree. It's time to tour, so WAKE HIM UP!
  2. You finally got Nick up. Kevin asks you to help him with his hair. What do you do?
  3. It's your turn to cook on tour. What do you do?
  4. It's another rainy day, stuck home with the Jonas brothers. They have a new song. Fill in the blanks. I love her, eyes so ______. She was always _______. She used to be ________. Now she's _______.
  5. You have to pick animal costumes for a fun photo. What do you pick?
  6. FOR NARNIA!!!
  7. Joe is in the kitchen sipping water in his new socks. Those things are just so hideous. You...
  8. You find Kevin crying over his bad haircut. You...
  9. Almost done... the dreaded question. WHATS UR FAVORITE COLOR????
  10. Today is Nick's birthday. You buy him a ________.
  11. Which is your favorite Jonas Brother?

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Quiz topic: My Life With The Jonas Brothers And What They Think Of You (coo