The ULTIMATE Jonas Brothers Quiz

Most people know about the teen pop sensations the Jonas Brothers- nominated for a grammy and over 8 million albums sold world wide. This is quiz to test your knowledge!!

How much do YOU know about the Jonas brothers? This quiz has four sections. Hard Trivia, easier trivia, guess the song, complete the song lyrics. Good Luck!!!

Created by: laura

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  1. Name all of Joe's past girlfriends/rumored girlfriends
  2. On What day did Kevin propose to Danielle Deleasa
  3. For a previous photo shoot, Joe had to jump in a pool for one photo. What magazine was it for?
  4. While on vacation, Something of Joe's got stolen. Where was he and what got stolen?
  5. Where did Kevin first meet Danielle?
  6. What issues have the Jonas brothers appeared on?
  7. Name three artists the JBs have toured with BEFORE 2008
  8. What famous female celebrity has a crush on Nick Jonas?
  9. Around September 2th, Nick got to interview one of his idols. Who was it and what magazine was it for?
  10. Which Jonas Brothers wears glasses and what are they for?
  11. They Jonas Brothers have a softball and a kickball team. What are their names?
  12. Time for some easier trivia! What's Joe's favorite book?
  13. What is the meaning of "Much Better" by the Jonas Brothers?
  14. What sport is most easily accessible from their current home?
  15. Who surprised the fans by joining the stage with the Jonas Brothers on August 30th in Toronto, Ontario
  16. What Jonas Brothers song is this? "They come and go, but they don't know, that you are mine, your beautiful"
  17. "She hates the sun cause it proves she's not alone, and the world doesn't revolve around her soul."
  18. "You never listen to me, I know I'm better off alone, everybody knows it's true, yeah we all see through you."
  19. "Run, run like you do, I'm chasing you, I'm on your tail, I'm gaining fast, your going nowhere."
  20. "You know it's bad when your momma doesn't like her, all your friends saying she's a liar, never ending phone calls aren't enough.
  21. Finish the Song Lyrics! Now I'm _______ over the edge on just ________
  22. Young _____ I believe that we are not ______ from becoming who we truly are love is on it's way
  23. Don't wanna fall _____ cause I don't know if I'll _____
  24. Girl you got me _____ baby, girl I'm on my ______
  25. Got the _____ today, doctor said I had to ______ a little bit longer and I'll be fine.

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