Jonas Brothers Quiz

Are you a true Jonas Brothers fan? Do you think you know everything there is to know about the American pop boy band? Well, know-it-all, I suggest that you try this quiz to test if that statement really is true.

If you just came here because you're bored than whatever because I do that too. Anyway, I know there are many Jonas Brothers quizzes but I am tried to get the hardest questions to give you a CHALLENGE. If I didn't try enough for you well too bad because I have a headache. Anyway, enjoy the quiz.

Created by: Ciera
  1. What was the first song the Jonas Brothers ever wrote together?
  2. Which award that they won/got nominated was from the 51st Annual Grammy Awards?
  3. About how many albums have they sold worldwide?
  4. In what time did the Jonas Brothers sign with Hollywood Records?
  5. Which year was the self-titled album "Jonas Brothers" released?
  6. Which year was the album "A Little Bit Longer" released?
  7. What issue of Rolling Stones were they on the cover on?
  8. What day was the latest album "Lines Vines & Trying Times" released in the United States?
  9. Which band was the Jonas Brothers acting as in Camp Rock?
  10. Just an extra question: On July 1st 2009 who did Kevin Jonas become engaged to?

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