Jonas Brothers Knowledge:

The Jonas Brothers Came onto the scene in 2006 with the release of their CD 'It's About Time.' The Boys went Platinum in 2007 with their second CD 'Jonas Brothers.' In 2008 the Jonas Brothers are releasing their third CD, their Disney Show: J.O.N.A.S., && Their Disney Channel Originial Movie: Camp Rock.

Are You a true Jonas Brothers Fan? Do You Know Kevin's Favorite Cereal, or what about What Joe Collects, or perhaps Nicks favorite band? With This Quiz You can find out exactly how much you really know about the Jonas Brothers.

Created by: Courtney
  1. The Jonas Brothers Grew up in..
  2. Little 'Bonus Jonas' Frankie is obssessed with..
  3. Nick's Favorite Holiday is..
  4. Kevin's Favorite Book is..
  5. The First CD Joe Jonas Ever Bought Was..
  6. The Jonas Brother's First CD was titled..
  7. Rumors are going around that Nick Jonas is Dating Who..
  8. On the 'Jonas Brothers' Album.. The Fifth song is..
  9. On the 'Bonus Jonus' CD.. The Jonas Brothers did a Song with Hannah Montana.. Which is the 16th track.. Whats the Title?
  10. Whos the Hottest Jonas Brother..

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