how well do you now the jonas brothers lyrics

I hope you like the Jonas brothers as much as I do.They are such cute ,adorable,sensitive and funny guys to hang out with. This quiz has a lot of Jonas brothers. song lyrics in it.

do you think you now all of the Jonas brothers songs?If you want to now take my quiz. 1 reason to take my quiz is because if you like the Jonas brothers.You will like my quiz.

Created by: jessie
  1. WHEN you look me in the eyes: if the heart is always
  2. S.o.S: this is where the story
  3. time for me to fly: its time for me to open up my heart and knock on
  4. Paranoid: but im about to break a
  5. good night and good bye:I feel like we have fallen
  6. year 3000:I took a trip to the year 3000 this song has gone multi-platinum everybody bought our
  7. do you like my quiz
  8. we got the party:sun is shining just the way we
  9. Hello beautiful:It's been along time
  10. quick pick a random song

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Quiz topic: How well do I now the jonas brothers lyrics