jonas Brothers:How much do you really know?

Okay. Do you think you are a Jonas Brother expert? Take the quiz to find out how much you know, and if you are Jonas-o-matic! So, i hope this helps! Have fun, and be terrific!

Feel the need to not take this quiz? If you think you know everything to know about the Jonas Brothers, this will clear some things up for you. Anyway, if this quiz doesn't tell you how much of an expert you are, what will! Okay, so lets get started! Are you a Jonas expert?

Created by: Miranda
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  1. When is Nick Jonas's birthday?
  2. what is Joe Jonas's favorite color?
  3. What is Nick's favorite sport?
  4. What is Joe's favorite icecream flavor?
  5. What's Kevin's favorite icecream flavor?
  6. Which rumor was spread about Joe?
  7. Which Jonas Brother's favorite vacation spot is in the Bahamas?
  8. what is Nick's middle name?
  9. What is Kevin's favorite animal?
  10. What color is Kevin's video ipod?
  11. Which Jonas Brother is afraid to text girls?
  12. Who is the youngest jonas in the family?
  13. Which girl singer did the Jonas Brothers tour with on October 18, 2007?

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Quiz topic: Jonas Brothers:How much do I really know?