Jonas Brothers Music!

How well do you know the Jonas Brothers' music? Do you think your an obsessed fan.. Hmm I dont thinkg so. Prove me wrong. Take the Jonas Brothers music test!

Are you a big Jonas Brothers fan? Are you obsesseds? Do you think you know all of the Jonas Brothers songs? Hmm. Figure it out now.. Take the Jonas Brother music test!

Created by: Michelle
  1. Finish the lyrics: One minute and the earth begins to shake, two minutes ____.
  2. What song contains these lyrics? " You never listen to me, I know im better off alone."
  3. Finish the lyrics. " I day dream through my freshman math _____."
  4. What are the lyrics to the chorus of "Underdog"?
  5. What song contains the lyrics- " Hold on tight, its a rollercoaster ride we're on."
  6. Finish the lyrics. " We had a lot of goodtimes when we were together_______."
  7. What song contains these lyrics- " I've been making lots of plans, like a picket fence and a rose garden."
  8. Which one are lyrics to "Eternity"?
  9. Which song contains these lyrics- " And I know, we get a little crazy. And I know, we get a little loud."
  10. Finsish the lyrics-" I find my paradise _______"

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