The Jonas Quiz!

"There are many smart people, but few know about the Jonas brothers. Afterall, most smart people don't focus on music, they focus on school, But what about the art of music? If you think that you know everything about the jonas brothers, than take this quiz, you won't regret it."

Do you think you are a Jonas Obssessor? Than Take this quiz, gettting every question right means that you are a true JB obssessor like me! YAY! there can never be too many JB obssessors in the world!

Created by: Scarlett

  1. What is the name of JB's Tour bus?
  2. Who's B-day is september 16?
  3. What is Joe's fave food?
  4. What state was Joe born in?
  5. Which jonas brother likes starbucks?
  6. What is Kevin's fave sport?
  7. What is Nick's fave ice cream flavor?
  8. What city in New Jersey was Kevin born in?
  9. What song is on both JB albums?
  10. How old is Frankie Jonas?
  11. What is kevin's fave movie?
  12. Who is Nick's Fave actor?
  13. Who is kevin's Fave actress?
  14. What show did JB guest star on?
  15. Who said this: "that dude smells really good"?
  16. Who said this: "I've never been angry in my entire life"?
  17. Who said this: "Nice save"?
  18. What is JB's mom's name?
  19. Who said this: "Both Great stores"?
  20. Who is The best looking jonas?

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