CRAZY Hard Jonas Brothers Test

The Jonas Brothers Rock! Cheese Cheese Please I like corn on the cob. I like Nick Jonas and the Administration better than the Jonas brothers...heeeee

But that's okay because I love them both! But Nick is an incredible song writer! Am I right! GENIUS! He was amazing in Les Miz! He should be on Broadway

Created by: Person
  1. First, we'll have some easy trivia as a warm up! Here we go! On what day did Kevin get married?
  2. For what category did they win a Grammy for?
  3. How many years will Nick Jonas have had Diabetes in December 2010?
  4. Nick's Top Three baseball teams?
  5. Where in the world are they on the date 11/5/10, Otherwise known as Kevin's birthday?
  6. Now time for some "Seen It" Questions! On 1/13/10, On the Nick Jonas & The Administration tour, Nick held up a T-Shirt. What did it say?
  7. Do You Like Ham? On what talk show was this phrase glamorized?
  8. On the Administration tour, Nick tried to assemble a choir on stage and it got a little crazy. Where in the USA was he?
  9. Name One Place that Nick fell over after singing "Introducing Me"
  10. At a concert on Danielle's birthday, they sang Happy Birthday to her on stage. What did Joe suggest she do?
  11. Now time for some "Which Jonas Brother Said It" Which Jonas Brother Said: "That is unfortunate cause I cannot grow a beard!"
  12. "Clearly I'm working with a bunch of imbeciles..."
  13. "I am the best driver and you know it"
  14. "I wonder what would happen if you were to be born in space"
  15. "Then you don't get Starbucks..."
  16. Now time for "Guess the Song!!" "He was driving fast on his cellular phone, that's how he lived his life"
  17. "And to my surprise, it was all green lights"
  18. "Time was ticking, we were winning, and all was going as planned"
  19. "You cry alone, nobody will see you through"
  20. "Big Ben breathing down my neck again..."
  21. Finish the lyrics "Conspiracy Theory better keep it ____"
  22. "I can't be more _____, she's a pain.
  23. "Young ____, I believe that we are not far..."
  24. "Maybe I, Could have _____ you"
  25. "And when winter came she'd be my ____"
  26. Last Section! TRUE OR FALSE!! Nick had Type 2 Diabetes
  27. Joe has always had straight hair
  28. Joe has met Sir Paul McCartney
  29. The Jonas Brothers were always signed to Disney
  30. Nick Jonas played Marius and Valjean in Les Mis

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