Jonas Brothers Test

HI!*!*! This quiz will help you find out how big of a fan you are and how well you know the Jonas Brothers!! There may be some had questions but try them and see what the right answer is at the end of the Quiz**!*!*!

I got All my answers from one magazine!*!* Please let me know if you find any false information!*!*!* Have Fun!*!*!*! Have Fun!! This quiz will have some fill in the blank and some trivia questions!*!*

Created by: Cool Dude
  1. "Got the news today..." What are the next lyrics?
  2. What is the Brothers Stylist's name?
  3. What was Kevin like as a baby?
  4. What is Frankies nickname?
  5. What is Nicks Secret Talent?
  6. What does Joe crave?
  7. What is Kevins favorite Hobby?
  8. Where did Nick Writ the song "A Little Bit Longer"?
  9. What day is the brothers newest CD coming out?
  10. What is the 2008 Jonas Brother CD name?

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