Are you a Jonas Brothers fan?

This quiz is about strength. mind. kung-fu. stealing. birthdays. and obsessian.There is only 1 person that is better than any1 ---------me and my friend Mandy. What I go to school 4 time for mr 2 fly year3000 6 minutes one dat at a time i am what i am

WELCOME. TO. THE. MAGICAL. WORLD. OF. obsessian. of. the. Jonas brothers. duh i am darth vader..... WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE.Luke I am yout father Grrrrrrr.........

Created by: Maggie
  1. What is the youngest Jonas Brother
  2. What color is the backround of the CD
  3. What is the Jonas' Brothers home state
  4. How many Jonas Brothers songs are in Disney Oringel movies
  5. What is Nick's favorite ice cream flavor?
  6. What type of hair does Nick have?
  7. what hair style does joe usally have?
  8. What does Kevin do in the band
  9. Besides sing what does Nick Jonas do?
  10. Where do they live now?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Jonas Brothers fan?