Test your Jonas IQ

There are many people who think they know a lot about the Jonas Brothers. They also think they know more than everyone else. But many people haven't taken this quiz yet.

Do you know a lot about the Jonas Brothers? Can you show those liars? Are you a Jonas Brothers expert? Take this quiz and test your Jonas Brothers IQ!

Created by: qwerty1
  1. What state are the Jonas brothers from?
  2. What is Kevin's real name?
  3. Before becoming famous, the Jonas Brothers appeared in a commercial for what fast-food company?
  4. Which Jonas Brother had a solo album before the band was formed?
  5. The Jonas Brothers won the award for "Favorite Band" at what award show?
  6. What talents do the Jonas parents have?
  7. What did Joe want to be other than a rockstar?
  8. Who is the Bonus Jonas?
  9. The Jonas Brothers did a song for which animated movie soundtrack?
  10. What Disney Broadway musical did Nick perform in when he was 10?

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