Got Jonas Knowledge?

There are many people who think they know the Jonas Brothers and know information about them, but do you have what it takes to test your JB knowledge?

This short quiz, will test your Jonas knowledge, and also give you new information that you have not heard before! So what are you waiting for...take this quiz!

Created by: Jonas Brothers CT street team

  1. How many Jonas Brothers are there?
  2. Name the Jonas Brothers
  3. What are the Jonas Brothers ages?(2008)
  4. What is Joe's favorite food?
  5. What is Nick's favorite food?
  6. What is (paul) Kevin's Favorite Food?
  7. Do any of the brothers currently have a girlfriend?
  8. What is the Name of The Jonas Brothers Security guard?
  9. Which Brother was born in Texas?
  10. Who has the best fans?

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