Do you know Nick Jonas and the Administration Songs

I hate wrting these so I'm just gonna write random words. Nick Jonas Rocks So Hard yeah yeah yeah I like cheese yup go cheese moo I'm a pig rain rain go away

elephant corn cheese joe jonas is hawt I love joe jonas sooooooo much. Yup! I hate writing these blah blah blah corn corn corn jonas jonas jonas mmmhhmm

Created by: Laura

  1. Name the song: It's hard to believe, where we are now, cause your hand in mine babe, feels right somehow
  2. "See all those familiar faces crowded in my mind, I know that now is not the time"
  3. "And when I die, I kiss your tender lips goodbye, pray to god he hears my cry"
  4. "She was born into this world, by a beautiful mistake, when her mom was just a girl, and her daddy didn't stay
  5. "Then she'll change suddenly you wanna cry from the feeling"
  6. "This towns too small for you to run around like you do"
  7. "Bite your lip don't make a sound, cause the walls are thin and the word is out now."
  8. "I'm shaking it off, I'm shaking off all of the bad, your breaking my heart, breaking my heart one again"
  9. Complete the lyrics... "Slowly turning _____ like a bullet through my chest"
  10. "Show me the way to your heart, Where do I ______"
  11. "Your not the only one, that's ever _____ this way"
  12. "She was _____ at age nine..."

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Quiz topic: Do I know Nick Jonas and the Administration Songs