Do you hate Justin Bieber as much as I do?

Did you ever hear people talk about Justin Bieber & you feel alone in hating him, So you just smile & nod? Well you're not alone! Lots of people hate Justin Bieber & so do I! But do you hate him as much as me?

There are a lot of reasons why someone would hate Justin Bieber. But the Question is How much do you hate him? The only do find out is to take this Quiz. If you truely & Really hate him you'll love this Quiz!

Created by: Brittany
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  1. Is he the ugliest thing to hit Hollywood?
  2. Do you go out of your mind when people say he's great?
  3. Would you love 2 be called a Hater if PPl were only talking about Justink?
  4. Do you like the song One time Farmville on Facebook making fun of him?
  5. Do wish he would just move 2 outer Space sometimes?
  6. When ppl talk about him do you wanna just tear out their Voice box?
  7. What do you hate most about him?
  8. Do u wanna rip out the page when there are pix of him in magazines?
  9. K so final: do you truely hate him with every fiber of your being?
  10. That was the final so this doesn't count!

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Quiz topic: Do I hate Justin Bieber as much as I do?