Are you a little kid?

There are many posers but tell the truth are you a kid or not. Teenagers you are crazy because you think you are big but sorry you are not. Adults life is hard this quiz is a blessing. - Jesus

Are you a little kid or do you just pretend to be older? Well Justin Bieber is crazy and so are you! Just kidding! But if you don't tell the truth you will become Justin Bieber! Just kidding!

Created by: Cool/kid of Year 3 2015
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you play with toys?
  2. Do you pay taxes?
  3. Do you like mcdonalds?
  4. Do you like one direction or fifth harmony?
  5. Do you like being skinny or fat?
  6. Do you like boys?
  7. Emotional?
  8. Do you like Justin biebers what do you mean?
  9. How do you spell tellicommunications ( J spelt it wrong)
  10. Did you like this quiz (last question)
  11. Haha! Pick one
  12. Bye

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Quiz topic: Am I a little kid?